Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for partners who have the related sense of responsibility of serving the students of fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad. If you have the interest to help students realize their career goals abroad, you are the best fit for this demanding profession. The franchisee appointment will be selectively granted to prospects who match the following requirements.

Those who are already into the study abroad activities will be given preference.Exhibiting good business vision and convincing business track record.Proven management capabilities and exceptional business traits. Presenting sufficient financial resources, well-furnished office along with amenities.Good communication skills and command over English.

Medex International Training Support & Services

Access to Medex International brand recognition and marketing materials Comprehensive training and support from the company’s experienced staffs and mentors from concerned departments Exclusive territory rights guidance, assistance and supports.Operating systems and procedures for all operational work.Access to the adherence of company’s right network of colleges, universities, and institutions Ongoing support for business development and growth.

Franchise Purpose

The purpose of the Medex International franchise is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and involved channel partners with the opportunity to own and operate their own education consultancy firm. The franchise offers a unique business model in the education sector and provides franchisees with the resources, support, and brand recognition they need to succeed.The main purpose of the franchise is also to allow franchisees to provide quality education solutions to students, families, and institutions in their local area. By leveraging Medex International expertise and reputation, franchisees can quickly establish themselves as a trusted provider of education services.

Franchise Services

Medex International offers a comprehensive range of education services to our channel partners for the major inquires of students and their guardians for the concerned related doubts and queries. The services also offer include as given below:

College and University Admissions:

Medex International franchise provides guidance and support to the students and their guardians for admissions process of their respective courses and combinations. This includes helping students to select the right institution, preparing and submitting applications, and assisting with scholarships and financial aid.

Study Abroad Services:

The franchise provides comprehensive supports for the study abroad & overseas services to students who wish to study for their respective career goals. This also includes helping students select the right institution, preparing and submitting applications, arranging visas, and providing pre-departure support.

Test Preparation:

Medex International franchise provides test preparation services for standardized exams such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. It also provides the certifications and proficiency in foreign languages like, German, French, Spanish, Russian and many more.

Career Counselling:

The franchise provides career counselling services to help the students and individuals select the right career path and plan their education accordingly. This includes providing guidance on selecting the right courses and institutions, preparing for job interviews, and developing a career plan.

Student Support:

The franchise provides ongoing support and guidance to students throughout their academic journey. This includes academic and career counselling, test preparation, and personal support.

Franchise Support

Medex International provides comprehensive support to its sub-franchisees and channel partners to help them succeed and grow their business. The support provided by the Medex International Franchise includes:

Initial Training:

Medex International provides comprehensive initial training to franchisees to help them understand the business model, operating system, and best practices for providing education services.

Ongoing Support:

The franchise provides ongoing support to franchisees through regular training, mentoring, and support calls. The franchise also provides marketing and advertising support to help franchisees reach their target market and generate new business.

Technology and System:

Medex International provides franchisees with access to its proprietary technology and systems, including a customer relationship management system, a marketing and advertising platform, and a reporting and analytic system.

Marketing and Advertising: 

The franchise provides marketing and advertising support to franchisees to help them reach their target market and generate new business. This includes a comprehensive marketing plan with digital interface, promotional materials, and advertising support.


Medex International provides franchisees with access to its supply chain network, which includes suppliers of products and services via; online & digital mode that are critical to the success of the business. 

Franchise Training

Medex International provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees to help them successfully run their business. The training and support provided by the franchiser includes:

Initial Training:

The franchiser provides a comprehensive initial training program to partner franchisees, which covers all aspects of running a successful education consultancy business, including sales and marketing, customer service, and operations.

Ongoing Training: 

The franchiser provides ongoing training and support to partner franchisees, including regular training sessions, workshops, and online resources.

Operations Support:

The franchiser provides operational support to partner franchisees, including guidance on day-to-day operations, customer service, and management.

Marketing Support:

The franchiser provides marketing support to partner franchisees, including materials, guidance, and support in conducting local and national marketing activities.

Technology Support:

The franchiser provides technology support to partner franchisees, including software and systems support and regular technology updates on digitally sound platform.

MEDEX Franchise Agreement

Medex International Franchise Opportunity


Become a part of Franchise in offering education for students who continues to study in abroad Our Study Abroad Franchise Benefits

  1. Franchise Brand
  2. Franchise Model
  3. Franchise Arrangement
  4. Franchise Location

Franchise Brand

Medex International has become a pioneer in the overseas education consultancy more than 18+ years of dedications. This consultant founded in 2005 with great establishment of successful running representations. Now, our service and educational consultancy elaborated with 30+ universities across 10+ countries and 1000+ success stories. Yet now, Medex International is much more a one-stop destination for students in offering an extensive selection of education options through whole Pakistan map. Brand of Medex International brings franchise proposal to increase the value with well-recognized and trusted overseas education consultancy.

Franchise Model

 Medex International has earned a spotless reputation in the market as the Best Overseas Education Consultancy in bringing most student vision as their mission. Our consultancy explicit professional service resulting 100% admission service and 99% visa arrangement.

Franchisee Fee:






Franchise fee



Office Space Requirement

500 Sq


1 Director

Highly qualified


Terms & condition Agreement:

  • 500 Sq Ft occupied with
  • one reception counter
  • at least 5-7 seated waiting area
  • one counselling chamber
  • 1 Director chamber

Initial Set Up Cost: 

It include 2 Table, Chairs, work station, Desktop & Printers, Intercom and all other useful resources.

2 Years (Renewable free) The companies uphold the right to terminates the franchisee services, if the franchisee partner fail to maintain the company’s ethics and terms & conditions.


Franchise Arrangement

The need of franchise arrangement is required. Pakistan happens to be a market with enormous potential Overseas Education Consultancy with great complexities. To have networked, across all offices and presence of Pakistan it is very difficult with slight organizations. It makes imperative for companies who intend to grow and spread association strategy for expansion. This is the great business format that enables companies in expansion of reaching education in all parts of the country. Our growth is phenomenal and our franchisees have global prominence of benefits.

Franchise Location

Our Success Point has successfully established more than 15+ office across Pakistan and abroad. With our head office in Lahore, we operate through office across our all branches and looking for like-minded franchisees. Location that spreads our consultancy are listed below such as Faisalabad, Hafiz abad, Sialkot, Bhawalpur ,Islamabad and other prominent international locations such as USA, Tajikistan,Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan are widely engaged under the aegis of Medex International.

Medex Franchise Features

1.Brand and Promotion

Our franchise controls brand and trademarks that are market used. Advertising and promotion are an important element in franchising. It requires an advertising levy to enable our brand and to enter the franchise agreement.

2.Operation Support

Medex International provides complete hand-holding of training and on-boarding infrastructure set-up recruitment assistance such as advertising, outdoor-advice, digital, social media, print channel, standardized procedure, guidance, and updates.

3.Knowledge Repository

Franchise Knowledge Repository get access with 30+ universities, 100+ programs, presentation, learning materials and documentation need in the day-to-day recruitment activities at abroad studying overseas education consultancy.

4.Comprehensive Services

Medex International assists in giving students program selection through each and every progress for pre-departure guidance and other value-added services. It sets up the regular terms under which the franchisee operates the business.

5.Event Management

Medex International brings event promotion and management in encouraging and supporting execution promotion events like admission weeks, spot assessments, and university visit to franchise office. It even collaborates with university tie-ups and smooth sailing process.

Medex International upholds the highest ROI assures timely payment towards commission that obtained after success enrolment of students to the desired universities. It gives high return of investment with rapid growth and expansion of franchise.

Term of Agreement:

The “Term of Agreement” in a franchise agreement refers to the length of time that the franchise agreement will be in effect. The term of the agreement outlines the start date and end date of the franchise relationship between the franchiser and franchisee. For the Medex International franchise, the term of the agreement may vary, but it is typically 2 to 5 years. During this time, the franchisee is granted the right to operate a franchise using the franchiser trademark, systems, and business model. It’s important to carefully review the term of the agreement before signing on to become a franchisee of Medex International education. You’ll want to make sure that the term of the agreement aligns with your personal and business goals, and that you are comfortable with the length of the commitment.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the renewal options included in the agreement. Some franchise agreements include an automatic renewal clause, while others may require the franchisee to renew the agreement at the end of the term. Make sure you understand the renewal options and requirements so that you can plan for the future of your franchise.

Ongoing Obligations of the Franchisee:

The ongoing obligations of the franchisee in a franchise agreement outline the responsibilities and duties of the franchisee to the franchiser during the term of the agreement. These obligations may include:

Operating the franchise according to the franchiser standards and systems:

This includes adhering to the franchiser policies and procedures, using approved products and suppliers, and maintaining the franchiser trademark and image.

Maintaining accurate financial and operational records: Franchisees are typically required to keep accurate financial and operational records and to provide regular reports to the franchiser. This helps the franchiser monitor the performance of the franchise and ensure that the franchisee is operating the business in compliance with the franchiser standards and systems.

Participating in training and support programs: Franchisees are typically required to participate in training and support programs provided by the franchiser. These programs may include ongoing training and support, as well as regular assessments of the franchisee’s performance.

Complying with all laws and regulations: Franchisees are required to operate the franchise in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including labour laws, health and safety regulations, and environmental laws.

The franchise agreement also covers important aspects of the franchise relationships including:

Territorial rights: The franchise agreement outlines the exclusive territorial rights of the franchisee, including the geographic area in which they can operate.

Training and Support: The franchiser provides comprehensive training and support to franchisees, including ongoing support in areas such as marketing, customer service, and operations.

Advertising and Marketing: The franchise agreement outlines the advertising and marketing requirements of the franchisee, and the support provided by the franchiser in this area.

Ongoing Fees: Franchisees must pay ongoing fees to the franchiser, which may include royalty fees, advertising fees, and technology fees.

Termination: The company upholds the right to terminates the franchise services, if the franchise partner fails to maintain the company’s ethics & values.

Values & Ethics: If the company finds any illegal and fraud activities in terms of disclosing the property and privacy like, promotional & advertising documents, internal digital information, tampering with any internal documents and illegal distribution of promotional leads data by the franchise channel partner then the company upholds the right to take immediate action against the franchise partner and terminates from the services with Medex International.



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