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Medex International was founded in 2005, We are counted among the leading MBBS Abroad consultant. We work and research in a smart manner. You will get the accurate amount of information regarding the universities, colleges and courses. In this way, parents can choose the right career option for their children without any hassles. We are committed to provide the best and most precise data of the studies in abroad.

We help you to get a thorough details of the best Universities, colleges, courses, etc. related to MBBS/ MD/ MS/ BDS/ MDS, and so on too. We are responsive and believe in delivering the right solutions to all your queries. For that, we spend our time in clear communication with our clients as well as different overseas entities. This strengthens our relationship with the clients and enables us to produce the perfect results that meets your expectations. We are dedicated towards our work and are always ready to help you clear all your doubts. We are responsible towards our work and never refuse to work call of duty whenever required to meet your goals and make your dreams come true.

We are always there as a helping hand for you and your children. We put our best possible efforts to help your child to adjust and accommodate in a new environment with ease and comfort, support them to learn new things and help them to perform best in their challenges. We believe in customer satisfaction and thus, we work in a user friendly manner. Our methods are well-organized and we believe in honesty and quality. We feel privileged when you choose us for your career.

We are passionate towards our work and love to hear your experience with us. In short, your feedback is very important to us. However, it doesn’t matter whether your feedback is positive or negative. We always act effectively to turn the feedbacks into positive feedforwards through our responses and make necessary changes that must be done to provide finer services to our clients. We love to hear our flaws and proceed in the best manner to improve and turn them into positive measures.


We possess huge experience in providing one-to-one services. We help and consult you to choose the suitable courses and universities for you to fulfil your dreams. In short, our core job is to take you to the right place in an easily accessible manner.
We guide and keep you informed through the entire process. We help you in shortlisting the perfect courses and universities, and providing Visa assistance.
We help you in dealing with frauds and defalcations. We have a robust international presence and possess knowledge about all the scholarships and all. We give you a safe and secured approach in every step and process.
We have good partnership relations with different entities in abroad. Thus, we can easily speed up your process of application and avail you more than one study destination. We are prompt and responsive and make your work easier, smoother and faster.
We help you in preparing for the relevant standardized tests like IELTS. We can arrange meetings in-person with the university’s representatives at our office. In this way, you can clear all your doubts and get an estimated idea about the university where you want to study.
We know about all the norms related to the Visa processes. We also help you in clearing the Visa interview by informing you about the different tips and tricks. We also connect you with the existing students abroad for an easy stay.

Dear Students

Dear StudentsMy hearty welcome to you to Medex International. I am happy to know about your keenness to join our Education Consultancy. You are entering in to the arena of Medical education when the future is full of opportunities and promises. We understand choosing a medical school is one of the most important steps towards your career in medicine.Today there is widespread knowledge everywhere with newer technologies, skills and avenues emerging. The horizons of professional activities are expanding and hence today there is much more scope for the younger generations to uncap their talents and touch greater heights of achievement.At the same time, you must realize that there are many challenges in this emerging situation. Since educational situation in our country and abroad have become quite dynamic and competitive, we have to be ready and equipped with the required abilities and capacities to conquer these newer fields of knowledge.We are committed to provide you best Medical university with excellent education, practical training and facilities in the career in Medicine.We pay equal attention to the all-round development of our students.We want our students to be well educated and well trained and to become responsible citizens. You will be happy to know that the track record of achievements of our alumni is indeed commendable.We are here to help you nurture and realize your dreams. So, let us work together and make an endeavor to build up your blooming career.I wish you all the best in your future career as students.


                                       Founder,Medex International

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Medex International stands out in the realm of educational consulting with its unwavering commitment to personalized guidance. Our approach goes beyond traditional consulting, as we prioritize understanding each individual’s unique goals and aspirations. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we ensure tailored advice and support, fostering a transformative educational journey for our clients.

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